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Growing up in Nigeria, I witnessed the prevalence of the scarcity mindset despite the abundance of natural resources, particularly in research, science, and technology. I have spent my life trying to learn how to overcome this scarcity mindset. The answer I have found is through innovation, access, and service.

Here are some examples of how I use innovation, access, and service to guide my decisions and experiences. 

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What I do

More than an Engineer

Engineer is just one of my many identities. 


I am really passionate about justice and equity for all and I try to give back in the little ways I can. This includes raising awareness of IBPOC owned businesses that I am personally familiar with, hosting drives and donations for causes such as homelessness and gender and sexual minorities, educating myself and others on opportunities for promoting justice, and volunteering.

Hopefully, one day I can take this venture much further than this.

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